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Cardigan sweaters for women are the best invention to ever exist. They provide you with the right amount of warmth, and they’re the best accent pieces to any ensemble. They can really spice up plain outfits in an instant. At Bella Berry, you have several styles to choose from. Some of those include a hooded jacket, long body vests or an over-sized, open blazer coat or a pretty kimono print jacket. We never fall short when it comes to having options. Whether it’s a long or a quarter sleeve, open or very buttoned up, pockets or no pockets, there’s always something to choose from. We like offering items that both complement and accentuate your wardrobe, and cardigans are the perfect candidates.

1202 Burgundy
1256 Burgundy
1265 Black Polka Dot
1265 Burgundy Floral
1262 Black
1262 Ivory
1262 Raspberry
1197 Ivory
1197 Teal
1197 Black
2013 Grey
1222 Hunter Green
1222 Kelly Green
1222 Purple
1222 Burgundy
1222 Charcoal Grey
1222 Olive
1222 Navy Royal
1222 Red
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